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Healthy Cooking Part 1

Healthy Cooking Part 1

Whether it is Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas or any other day, it is always a great idea to include healthy cooking habits into our meal preparations. Allow us to share with you how to eat healthy; by substituting some of the ingredients you commonly use in cooking/baking. Substituting new ingredients may feel foreign at first but if you stick to it, your body will have positive reactions. Don’t be surprised if you even love the taste!

Try substituting these common ingredients to something healthier:


Flour is essential in baking. If you are using flour, instead of white processed flour, opt for whole-wheat flour. Whole-wheat flour is more fibrous as they contain the entire grain, unlike their white counterparts. This substitution can be used for bread and pastas as well.


If you are using butter in your cooking, you can substitute it with applesauce (or any food puree) and canola oil. If you want to be healthier, try ground flax seeds in place of oil. That should do the trick.


For cooking that requires cheese or mayonnaise, use avocados instead. Avocados have fats your heart needs to stay healthy. By adding avocados to your cooking, not only does your heart get a healthy boost, your cooking still has that creamy goodness that you love. Just remember to enjoy avocados in moderation.


Take a break from beef and try lean, ground turkey instead. Because too much red meat can cause heart diseases, reducing it will do your body a lot of good. In this case, go for white meat. Remember, white is better than red.