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Good Hygiene Habits

Mouth – Make sure your mouth is clean by brushing at least twice a day. When you brush your teeth, ensure that you do it at least two minutes at a time. Better yet, set a timer to time yourself. You might be surprised at how little time you spend on brushing your teeth. Flossing also helps to reach in between the teeth and prevents gum diseases. When you clean your teeth, do not forget to brush your tongue. The buildup on the tongue is not only disgusting; it is the number one cause of bad breath. If you have a sensitive gag flex, buy a tongue scraper. You can also use a piece of floss to scrape your tongue gently

Body – A person who has good hygiene is better equipped to fight disease or illness. Everyday you are is exposed to dust, smoke, pollution, bacteria, road grime, heavy traffic fuels and much more. To be clean, the body should be washed at least once a day. Regularly wash your body, hair, hands and feet to maintain cleanliness. Wash hands before and after eating, after using the bathroom, after sneezing or coughing, after taking the garbage out and after touching or playing with pets or animals. If you sweat a lot, invest in a loofah as they are gentle in getting rid of dead cells on the body. Besides that, also use a deodorant to stop body odor. Change bed sheets and pillowcases every week if possible as sweat from the body results in dust and dirt sticking to the clothes and bedding.

What you wear could make a difference as well. Not so much the fashion of your clothing, but what you are putting on yourself. Here are top best practices you should follow:

– Change your clothes regularly. Do not re-wear your clothes without washing them. 

– Invest in a good clothing detergent. 

– Wash clothing in lukewarm water. 

– If possible, dry clothes in the sun to get rid of bacteria. 

– Most importantly, do not share underwear or undergarments with anyone.

Each person is different. For example, some sweat more, have oilier hair or have sensitive skin. Adjust the tips above to suit the way your body works and you will have better personal hygiene. Everyone around you will love you more for it.